About Us - Mehul Jain

About Us

Mehul Jain, Founder & Director of www.mehuljain.in.

I started this journey from Youtube in 2017 with the channel name “Mehul Jain” which has around 1.5 Million Subscribers currently. I creates the content related to the Competitive Exams, General Knowledge, Mind Riddles (Paheliyan) …basically you will see the questions which need common sense to answer, open mind, reasoning mind etc.

Beyond this, I also manage my mother’s youtube channel and facebook page…both has more than 100k followers.

So coming on the website, this website is created in 2021 with the purpose to provide educational content related to the knowledgeable topics and also the Rochak GK and Paheliyan which will trigger your mind in terms of brain excercise and entertainment.

If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to contact us at teammj77@gmail.com.