Paheliyan in English with Answer Part-3


Riddles are a great way to engage kids — tapping their problem-solving abilities while having fun. You can see them utilizing their aptitudes to tackle these stumpers and a sense of accomplishment in solving it. Here’s a list of riddles that are just perfect — funny, and not too confusing so let’s start our 15 Very Interesting and brain Exercise Riddles.

1- What goes up but never comes down?
Ans- Your Age

2- You have to break me before you can use me.
What am I?
Ans- An Egg

3 – I’m a Country, if you remove my first letter, I become a pain.
What am I?

Ans- Spain
4- I cannot see even though I have one
What am I?

Ans- A Needle

5 – What is in the middle of March and April but not July or June?
Ans- The Letter ‘R’
6 – If your uncle’s sister is not your aunt, how are you related to her?
Ans- She’s your mother
7 – I am not a celebration, but I am at the beginning of December.
What am I?

Ans – The Letter ‘D’
8- Mary’s parents have three daughters: Sita,
Tina and…?

Ans- Mary

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9 – What breaks yet never falls, and what falls yet never breaks?
Ans- Day and night.
10 – I can fly without wings.
What am I?

Ans- Time.

  1. I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?
    Ans: A candle
  1. I have no feet, no hands, no wings, but I climb to the sky. What am I?
    Ans: Smoke
  1. The maker doesn’t want it. The buyer doesn’t use it. The user doesn’t know it. What am I?
    Ans: Coffin
  2. A plane crashed off the coast of Mexico and every single person died, yet there were two survivors. How could that happen?
    Ans: The survivors were a couple.
  3. There is a house. A person enters this house blind but exits it seeing. What is it?
    Ans: A school

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