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पहेलियाँ E Book

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हम आपके लिए लाए है मजेदार पहेलियों से भरपूर E Book जिसमे आपको 500 Plus पहेलियों का संग्रह मिलेगा .
यह इ बुक लिखी गयी है Mehul Jain के द्वारा…

आइए जानते है सबसे पहले मेहुल जैन के बारे में

About Mehul Jain –

Mehul Jain, Owner & Founder of . He is working as a Digital Influencer on Youtube, Facebook and Website from more than 5 Years. He is running his Youtube channel by name “Mehul Jain” in which he share various videos related to Paheliyan, GK, Competitive Exams related etc.

Contents of this E Book –

  1. Majedar Paheliyan
  2. Maths Riddles in Hindi
  3. Food Riddles in Hindi
  4. Interesting GK

Some Glimpses of this E Book

Majedar Paheliyan
Maths Riddles

Food Riddles

It consist of around 500 Questions with Answers with total of 84 Pages.

It will increase your Mind Ability to Answer the Logical Questions, Common Sense Questions and some tricky questions.

You can Buy this E Book from Here – Paheliyan E Book by Mehul Jain

You can also Download this E Book from our Application – Mehul Jain

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