CWG 2022 – What is Lawn Bowls ? Rules, Scoring System and Equipment


Commonwealth games 2022 : India wins Gold Medal in Lawn Bowls

Team India earned their fifth gold medal at the ongoing Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games after the India women’s Fours Lawn Bowls team earned a victory over South Africa in the summit clash. During the gold medal match for the Women’s Fours Lawn Bowls event, India defeated the defending champions, South Africa, by 17-10 and scripted history by winning the first-ever medal for the country in the event at the Commonwealth Games. Players Lovely Chhoubey, Pinki, Nayanmoni Saikia and Rupa Rani Tirkey brought glory to the nation in a sport, that is relatively unknown to many. There are all some interesting details you need to know about India’s Fab Four that won the country’s first-ever gold medal in Lawn Bowls.

What do you mean by Lawn Bowls?

Lawn Bowls is a game in which the goal is to roll biased balls so that they quit shut to a smaller ball referred to as a ‘jack’ or a ‘kitty’. The matches are performed on a Lawn Bowls Green inside a rink area- there are normally six rinks per green.

Lawn Bowls suit starts with a coin toss, giving one competitor the choice to roll a small ball referred to as the ‘jack’ at least 23 meters down the green. The rivals take turns bowling, aiming to make certain that they are closure to the jack than any of these of their opponents. The factors in Lawn Bowls are awarded for every bowl that is closest to the jack.

Though the first to rating 21 factors will win, whereas, in pairs, triples, and fours competition, that crew in the game that has accrued the most factors in whole will win the game.

How to Play Lawn Bowls ?

Lawn Bowls is played in three formats essentially — singles , Doubles and Fours. The Players / Team which manages to place its Balls Closer to “The Jack” will wins the Point. For example – If Team 1 has placed 2 Balls closer to the jack and Team 2 Placed 1 ball closer to the Jack, then in this case Team 1 will be awarded 2 Points and Team 2 will not be awarded any points.

In the match of India vs South Africa in Commonwealth 2022 Finals, India Scores win by 17-10 after 18 Ends.

In the match of Fours or Four Team Format match, each team gets 8 throws , or rolls in one “end” – One end means one round. The team gets 18 ends (Rounds) to play in Total which consist of 8 Throws in each round. The team whose Score is highest after completion 18 Ends will win the Match.

Important Rules of Lawn Bowls

1. Firstly Toss is Done to decide which Team will Start, after which the first bowler (the lead) places his/her mat and rolls the jack down the green.

2. The “Jack” must travel at least 23 metres to be “in play” and is moved to the centre of the rink once it comes to rest.

You can see the Jack in the below Image

Jack Ball

3. Each team gets 8 Bowls to Throw from atleat 23 meters far away from the Jack ball and from the team of 4 Players each Players throws 2 Times. The Bowl should be reach Closer to the Jack Ball

4. Bowls that fall into the ditch are disregarded, however close the jack may be to the ditch, unless they happen to touch the jack before going into the ditch. In that case they are still classified as in play.

5. If the jack is knocked into the ditch though within the side boundaries of the rink it is still “alive” and in play. If it passes over the side boundary of the rink (whether in the ditch or not) a “ dead end” is declared and the end is replayed with no scores being counted.

6. It is permissible – and often quite amusing! – to strike other players’ bowls with your own with the aim of gaining a strategic advantage.

7. At Last of each End Game, Closer Bowls are calculated of each team and the team which has more number of Closer Bowls to thye Jack will win that number of Points

Point awarded in Lawn Bowl (Scoring)

Points are awarded at the conclusion of every quit to the group or bowlers who have their bowls closest to the jack. For an example, if group A has three bowls nearer to the jack than their opposition’s closest bowl after an end, group A will get three points. If simply one is closer, then one point.

Equipments for Lawn Bowls

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